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I've been debating "truth in blogging" with Dilip D'Souza (largely on email) after his piece on Indicubed, and going back to an older post of his where he said:
Blogs allow you to bypass editors and publish, putting the power of publishing directly in the hands of the writer. That's often a great boon. Yet consider: a good editor would have stopped conjecture where it should have been stopped. Before being published.
We may decide to put up our respective thoughts on the matter on our blogs, but in the meanwhile, this statement by Richard Posner caught my eye.
Inaccuracies in blogs are less pernicious than inaccuracies in the mainstream media even apart from the superior opportunity for prompt correction of bloggers' errors. The reason is that bloggers are known not to employ fact checkers or editors; there is no pretense that they have the resources to eliminate all errors in their postings. The mainstream media, in contrast, represent to their public that they endeavor assiduously to prevent errors from finding their way into articles and broadcasts. They ask the public to repose trust in them. Bloggers do not. That is why serious errors by the mainstream media are played as scandals; they are not merely mistakes--they are breaches of trust.
Link Courtesy: Ashish's Niti.
One also shoudl not forget that editors could cut out data which should be known instantly to the public, say all that went behind the riots, or say the dark parts of the Kargil war, when known to Media are hidden, they never come out in print soon but had it been a blogger, one would have written them out straight and pure as good as fresh without spices added . What say?
there must be some truth in blogging if he is doing with serious social commitment.I came to see a lot of good blogs by respectful indians todays.Think of someone like gavrau writing some false alligations?
At the same time,think of a kid wriing somehting for fun without any gaurentee that what he tells is right.

The first case is immoral and against the spirit of jouranlism but the second is not.Reputation and trust counts in blogosphere too.
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