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We move beyond the semi-private world of email groups, and get onto a blog. (Which is what all our emails are about anyway!)

Both Zig and Dina got me thinking on how I got into blogging anyway. Well, I always had a journal sort-of thing on platforms like Diaryland. My run-in to blogs was incidental, and was merely another place to crib, and post very personal notes.

Before long, it became a place to put up what otherwise would have been 20 e-mails to different people. And then, it became a political space. I never intended my blog to become anything, and yet I see, that it reflects the deepest aspects of my personality. And that is what I see happening in most other blogs. A blog at one level helps resolve the differences and dichotomies faced by individuals. We are supposed to neatly divide our selves into the spaces of the 'public' and 'personal', and a blog over-rides these spaces and is closer to the 'personal is political' space.

I started a blog to be 'free of influences', and yet I am acutely aware that I am not able to post everything that I want to, because I know I am being read and watched. :)

(Minor Irritations?)

The collaborative effort in December and January, really made me do a re-take on what I thought about blogs. I cannot apply one definition to them. A blog is a space. And there's no knowing what might happen there. And yes, I confess my addiction to this space. Collaborative blogs is an interesting concept, and one that I am yet to explore fully. What is interesting however, is the evolution of the spirit of a blog. While one may start off with a 'Terms of Reference' so to speak, the spirit somehow evolves on its own.. perhaps?

*Draws an armchair*
Yup! I like blogging!
I appreciate the spirit of blogging which, in my view, is a very personal platform for expression.
On the contrary, collaborative blogging is exactly opposite to that. Somehow, I feel it upsets the very spirit of blogging. Have tried it but never liked :)

Any suggestions?

-- Akshaya
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