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I like the philosophy of a place to discuss issues that affect us as bloggers. Am seeing this more as a collective than a lobby. Lobby somehow seems to suggest a 'cause' - what is the cause here?

I'd hate this to become a watchdog though, or take on any form of policing or decision-making or censuring.

Lets instead engage in conversations around issues and embrace diversity.

To start off - some of the issues that i face as a blogger, these are personal and perhaps aren't BURNING issues :)

- balancing work, family, life and blogging - maybe we can learn something from discussions around how people manage these and what they gain from blogging?

- how much to reveal in a corporate blog/media blog - where do we draw the line? Take the case of Mediaah - much as i am pained about the shutting out of a voice - was Pradyuman naive not to expect this fallout having gone after the TOI hammer and tongs? If you're willing to pack a punch, the other has the right to retort, no? Don't we see this happening in comments at our own blogs on issues? Or take the case of Apple winning a suit to get three bloggers to reveal sources of insider info?

- which leads into the question of blogging ethics - what do others feel about this - should there be any or not ???

- and another on the power of blogging and what it can mean and do? And in recognising the power of blogging, what is mature and what is not?

- what can we do to gain more respect as bloggers, how to popularise blogging in India in several fields - the arts, non-profits, corporate, media, sports, etc etc etc. What values can we leverage and how?

- and on a very personal note - how do others handle partners/family who don't always understand our addiction or obsession with blogging? My husband calls himself a blog-widower :)

Really looking forward to some good discussion here. Thanks Peter !
If you're willing to pack a punch, the other has the right to retort, no? Don't we see this happening in comments at our own blogs on issues?

TOI has a right to retort and they could have used their newspaper or website to launch counter-criticism of the blog. But do they have a right to use their money power to silence a blog using threat of legal action?
Nice set of topics to start things of, Dina.

Am looking forward to some good reading.
Ashish - am not trying to defend what TOI did at all - i've signed the petition myself too because as I said I am sad to see a blogger shut down his blog under such pressure.

For a publication, readership draws revenues and reputation is one of the large drivers for readership. If someone attacks reputation, not once but consistently over a period of time, in the best way they can, why is it so shocking that the publication responds in the best way they know to stop this happening? If someone was out to get you - would you not retaliate to try and shut them up in the most effective way you thought possible?

I'd love a discussion in this forum around attempting to understand the need for such action. And how we could prevent it from happening in the future - as individual bloggers and as a community. And if it did - then what would suggestions be for the most appropriate action ?

Zig - lotsa armchairs around the fire :)
I see more and more that the Blogosphere is degenrating into what the newsgroups became till we grew out of them.

Anonymity just brings the worst out in the people. Even in the cases where it is not anonymous. People think that just because they can write on the web, they can write pretty much anything. No regard to decency or propreity under the fig leaf of freedom of speech.

We'll all remember that your freedom ends where mine begins

You just need to see the comments of signatures on the petition to know, that it will never be taken seriously... it appears to be just a rant by some people with too much time on their hands. I even suspect that many are plants.

We should revist that blogs did start out as personal diaries. The journalist and social citizen in us thought that we can do something with it. I think that blogs will just turn out to be a more chatic form of the newsgroups. A few will stand out for sure. Most will be just rants. Which will take away from the medium, undermining the seriousness that people try to attribute to a blog.
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